About us

About us

We’d like to introduce ourselves.

We are Gerard and Lies van Heugten, we live together with our border collies in Asten ( NB) The Netherlands.

Our dogs live in and around our house.

How it all started.

After our last dog died, we decided to wait and think it over, before searching for a new dog.  But after a week or two, it was so unpleasant  and quiet in our home, that we decided to look for a new friend, this time we wanted a pedigree dog, but which breed?  After many books and information, we decided to go for the Border Collie. So in 1998 we bought our first Border Collie “Obey “. It was and is such a wonderful dog, that we, after less than a year, chose for our second Border Collie  “Ayla” a blue merle girl. They enjoyed each other’s company and became  best friends. In 2003 we visited Obey’s breeder who just had puppies, a beautiful litter and one of them pops out, a little white head. We could not forget her, and after a week of thinking ( isn’t it too much…3 dogs ) we went back for her. Gladly she wasn’t sold, and we called her Indy. She also became friends with our other two girls. In 2004 we moved to another house , especially to have more space. At the back of our house we have our own training field. At the same time we started our kennel “FOREVER CLEVER”.  In 2005 our Ayla got a litter of 6 puppies, one of them was a dark blue merle girl. When she was born, we immediately thought “WAUW” she’s staying with us. Her name is Fay, also named DROOPY !!

Please feel free to explore our website, you will see how our DREAMTEAM looks now!!!

                                                              Enjoy !!!!